Monday, April 7, 2008

our little big boy

We have officially potty-trained Payden and it is sooooo nice. He just turned 3 and decided it was time to be a big boy. He has been very good and Eric thinks that we should train Crew while were at it, i wish. But we are still having a problem with a few choice words...once again..Eric!
Crew is growing like crazy and I swear I can barely lift him out of his bed. 
Nat finally moved home and I am soo excited. I am trying to talk her into staying for a semester so that we can go to classes together. 
Still no luck with selling our houses and I am getting very nervous, anyone want a house out there? I really  hope that we can sell them before summer, we wanted to travel alot this year. 
School is almost out for the summer and I so need a break. I am doing well except for math, I hate math

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hi everyone! I am so lucky to have the cutest little boys in the world. They are into everything and I love it. Payden just turned three in March and he is talking so well, but we have had a few naughty words slip out...Eric. Oh well, I guess that is the Parmenter way. Crew is almost 20 months old and is finally growing some hair, he looks like a little old man, bald on top and long in the back. Crew has just discovered that he can climb on every single thing in our house. Yesturday I caught him on the kitchen counter trying to let the birds out of their cage. Yes I said birds. Natalie is moving home and Payden wanted to babysit her birdies until she moved back, and I am socked that they haven't had a heart attack yet. 
Eric and I are doing well, he works all the time and when he isn't working, he's fishing. We are going on a guided trip soon so that I can use my cute new TFO fly rod. All I care about is the weather, cause you better believe I will make it miserable if it's cold. 
I am back at school and hopefully I can apply to law school next year! I have been working so hard and have no life, but I love school. I am in political science and have really enjoyed it so far. I can't wait to get out of Blackfoot for awhile and really want to go to Oregon's Law School. The master plan is that I finish school and work while Eric stays with the kids (he's not so hot on that part) but that will leave him time to do what he really have a show on the outdoor channel ( he is already coming up with titles.) 
We are trying to sell two houses right now and I really hope that the market will start to pick up by summer. It is really stressful but we are surviving thanks to the best in-laws in the world! Eric's family is so good to us and I am soooo lucky to be part of the Parmenter Fam. It always helps to have Kristina and Gail to stick up for me when Eric and I get into those rare rare rare fights! 
My photography is going well and I love seeing the results. Poor P-diddy and Crew are so used to having a lens in their face that they can sleep through it now. I can't wait to show their girlfriend all the embarrassing photos, but that better be years and years away. 
Keep in touch, Heather.